Seasoned Freelance Writing

Season thing: how does it work?

It is no secret that our business being a consultancy service is heavily influenced by the schedule of academic institutions. That is to say we have our own semesters here. These are called Rush Seasons. There are 2 basic rush seasons a year: first being the spring time season (late March – early May), and second being autumn time season (late October – early December). A writer with an average experience and BA will definitely find work to do during these 2 seasons.

Is there any hope to get projects assigned during the off-season?

Now, that’s where most of you could be disappointed and might want to look for a job elsewhere. Before you do that there are few things you surely need to know:

  • Orders are still coming through (although their number is limited)
  • Some part of writers work during rush seasons only (which leaves good chances to full-timers)
  • Those orders available are often big research papers and dissertations (which means you can expect the price of 10 regular orders for a one paper)

What’s Left?

Even though freelance writing is often a seasoned opportunity, an experienced writer with Masters or PhD will always find assignments to work with. The whole philosophy of freelance writing does not include a fixed income. That view of things could be put in a simple sentence: ‘the more you work, the more you get’

It goes without saying that this kind of job will not suite everyone but if you want our uk essay writers to stay at home and earn money this opportunity might be an option. Part-time experience is also available which means you do not really have to quit your main job and worry about off-season. If you have any questions regarding the job feel free to mail HR manager