Why referencing is so important?

The issue of referencing is closely connected to plagiarism. As a rough guide, if you don’t reference your sources – you plagiarize. Any ideas, conclusions, or results that are not your own but are used in your paper should be properly referenced. Moreover, accurate referencing enables verification of the data provided and evaluation of academic quality of the paper.

You should keep in mind the fact that even if some plagiarism detecting software does not show any similarity index, without citations or in-text references your paper is likely to be considered as plagiarized.

Passing to the practical part, you can support your text either with direct citations/quotation or with referenced paraphrasing of the used sources.

General requirements to citing are the following:

The body of the citation/quotation should be separated according to the format requirements
Citation/quotation should be provided in the form it is presented in the initial source without selectable reducing of the author’s text. The smallest reduction of the above excerpt can distort the initial meaning founded by the author. If you need to skip some of the author’s words, sentences, or paragraphs, you can indicate the omitted part by three dots
When retelling or paraphrasing, you should be as accurate as possible when presenting author’s thoughts. Self-willed interpretation of the source can be wrongful in relation to its author
If you say something like “It is widely considered”, you should make a reference right here. Otherwise, your argument will be useless and will lower the academic quality of the paper
Each citation, direct or indirect, should be accompanied by the corresponding reference. More detailed info on how to format the references you can find in the recent publication on the basic academic styles
It is strongly recommended to cite only the latest publications of the sources
Finally, it is very important that referencing was neither excessive nor insufficient, because both issues reduce the quality of the academic work. Excessive referencing might create a compilation effect, while insufficient referencing reduces academic value of your paper.
We hope that you found useful the above information and it will help you in your further career as an academic writer. Good luck!